Panos Mitsopoulos - 15 maart - 10 juni 2018

24 hours safe escapes to the Dark and Light

The current exhibition has two groups of paintings.

Panos about his work:

On one side:
I'm a canary living in a cosy cage. Sometimes, the door is open. I step out of my cosy cage, and enter a passage where I can enjoy my little "safe" escape which I continue to paint in yellow, my colour. However, this passage is a narrow, empty and limited space. And yet, I don't dare to go further away. So I try to make the best of it.

On the other side:
During the dark winter days of 2017 I experimented with blackness in my art. In this dark palette I discovered that light is still finding its way through.

Visual artist Panos Mitsopoulos graduated in 2004 at the Rietveldacademy in Amsterdam. During the past years he worked with the theme: cosy cage. In this theme he compares the life of an encaged canary with modern life in metropoles. The light yellow color of the canary, locked inside a cage he uses and explores in different ways: Balancing shades and cage constructions, sometimes cosy, floating in space like they are trying in vain to blend into one another.

The work of Panos Mitsopoulos reflects resistance, unsteadiness and it reflects the liberation, which exists in a transition or a changeover in life. 

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